Custom Made Curbs

Enhance the beauty and value of your home with maintenance free curbs.


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    Our extruded concrete borders and curbs are available in a variety of styles, colours and patterns.  

    Our equipment is the most advanced and technically complete in today’s market. The excavator builds the base for the concrete. The extruder, with its reciprocating ram driven auger, creates a continuous curb or edging with turns, curves and contours of high quality concrete. The compactness of the units eliminates damage to your lawns and the mess caused by heavy equipment using the traditional forms.

    Every homeowner needs to maintain some type of edging to keep their landscaping looking great. Most use plastic, wood , bricks or even chemicals and, or trimming shovels to keep up an edge between the flower beds and lawn. None of those techniques offer the effectiveness of “Pro-Tech Curbs”.

    Pro-Tech Curbs is a privately owned business.
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    providing continuous concrete curbs for over 25 years

    Preparation:  We start by prepping the ground, removing the grass line to ensure a clean, even surface.

    Extrusion: We shovel the curbing mixture into the curb machine, creating a formed extruded curb. A 1/8″ steel cable is extruded throughout the middle of the curb, enhancing its durability. Our concrete curbing is strong, withstanding up to 4,000 pounds per square inch (psi).

    Finishing:  Our team smooths the entirety of the curbing by hand, fills in any gaps, and removes any loose concrete from the front of the curbing. Our professional techniques ensure smooth starts, stops, and corners, making every detail pleasing to the eye.

    Customization:  We apply texture, hand-crafted stamps of your choosing, and accent color antiquing to the curbing, giving it a unique look. We apply control joints to minimize hairline cracks.

    Cleanup:  We ensure a clean workspace by picking up excess concrete in front of the curbing and pulling mulch to the back of the curb, as much as possible.
    Sealing:  Finally, we apply two coats of sealer, completing the curbing process and ensuring a long-lasting finish.

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    Our products will beautify your yard no matter what the design of your existing landscaping. Our product circles and curves to create a neat, professional appearance that is appropriate for commercial and residential use. Our unique process allows “one -day” installation, without disturbing your existing landscaping.

    Help keep gardens in check

    Solid concrete barrier prevents intrusive roots

    Cheaper than buying stones

    Less expensive, less mess and much faster than traditional wooden forms

    Designs of all sorts

    Many styles, colours and patterns available

    Long lasting value

    Superior quality at an affordable price