Continuous Extruded Concrete with Pro-Tech Curbs

Pro-Tech Curbs is a privately run business that has been providing continuous concrete curbs for landscape borders and driveways for over 6 years.

This equipment is the most advanced and technically complete in today's market. The excavator (left) builds the base for the concrete. The extruder (right), with its reciprocating ram driven auger, creates a continuous curb or edging with turns, curves and contours of high quality concrete. The compactness of the units eliminates damage to your lawns and the mess caused by heavy equipment using the traditional forms.

Every homeowner needs to maintain some type of edging to keep their landscaping looking great. Most use plastic, wood , bricks or even chemicals and, or trimming shovels to keep up an edge between the flower beds and lawn. None of those techniques offer the effectiveness of "Pro-Tech Curbs".

Our products will beautify your yard no matter what the design of your existing landscaping. Our product circles and curves to create a neat, professional appearance that is appropriate for commercial and residential use. Our unique process allows "one -day" installation, without disturbing your existing landscaping.

Our product is more durable, functional, and less expensive than traditional methods of using wood, plastic, or bender boards that in time can rot, rust or discolour. The Pro-Tech Curbs product line is made from concrete, which requires "no maintenance" as well as being an effective root barrier that saves hours of weeding and edging. The "Mower Edge" style curb allows you to cut your grass while riding directly on one edge of the curb with your lawn mower, which eliminates your tedious edge trimming job.

This unique process of extruding concrete, allows for a fast, neat, and less expensive option than the traditional messy wooden form method.

Pro-Tech Curbs with the latest technology creates a superior high quality curb that is unparalleled in the industry. We have many different styles and patterns to choose from. In addition we can also add different integral colours to the concrete which further enhance your landscaping design and surroundings.

Pro-Tech Curbs only uses integral colour which is mixed directly into the concrete allowing the colour to be through and through. Other contractors use a surface colour which tend to chip, peel and wear off over time.

Create a neat, professional, maintenance free, designed appearance today, by calling Pro-Tech Curbs for your FREE no obligation estimate at

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